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There are an estimated 63,000 residents in Palm Beach County, FL who have some form of disability. 

Caregivers of disabled family members can be at risk for serious health threats, including depression and heart disease.

Recent research showed that mothers of individuals with disabilities can experience chronic stress comparable to combat soldiers.

There are very few organizations solely dedicated to serve female caregivers of those with disabilities.

A True Jewel provides these special women with the training, support, and services they need to alleviate their physical and emotional distress.   


A Message from the Director Emerita:

The struggles we face can enable us to compassionately, effectively, and genuinely identify with others who are also struggling.

This organization focuses solely on women who parent individuals with disabilities. It is necessary that the caregiver takes care of her physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual self. 

And yet, there is the issue of being able to afford self-care.  Taking excellent care of oneself can be costly.  

With that thought in mind, a non-profit charitable organization was developed to provide training, support, and services for women who parent individuals with disabilities. 

The name of this organization is “A TRUE JEWEL, Inc.”  

~Dr. S'rah Yisrael

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