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Parents Speak

  This is what the parents have to say:

"What do you need help with?"

"Finances/budgeting are a hindrance."

"Need support/understanding that I'm not alone."

"Need help with eating healthier."

"Need exercise."

"Movies/Plays/Concerts (Jazz)".

"Great to have a massage/mani/pedicure".


"What would happen to (my son) if something happens to me?"



"Get together with like-minded people."

"Being able to talk to others."

"Looking for social outlooks."

"Trying to establish (my son) in college."

"Help with (daughter) reading and written words."

"What are your feelings about A True Jewel?"

"A True Jewel for me was an answer to prayer. I was seeking support, an outlet, understanding as I try to navigate through unchartered territory, helping my developmental disabled younger brother gain independence and accomplish his dreams. I had come to the end of my rope....and then came Dr. S`rah offering a life jacket, hope." - L. Foxworth

"This is a much needed support group for caregivers.  For caregivers, it is comforting to know that when walking down unknown paths, we are not alone and their are others who might have taken a different path, but can relate.  A True Jewel, Inc. provides a mix of events that give the caregiver a time to unwind and have a relaxed space from their demanding schedule. They are there for you, but also do not put heavy demands on you. To come home from an event with a smile, from being with others who have similar challenges we face each day, is a reward. This group does that and more. Thirty five years of raising my daughter, I am always amazed at the obstacles we still face for the disabled. Programs such as A True Jewel, Inc. is so needed and a valuable resource for us to be involved with.  It gives strength to the caregiver, which in turn benefits the care to our loved one." - T. Mals

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